Kali Malone – Velocity of Sleep (XKatedral, 2017)

While still waiting for her new release it is time to remember Kali Malone‘s 2017 record “Velocity of Sleep”, which was released on vinyl in a limited number of only 100 copies, but it seems that XKatedral did a reissue lately.

The first and only track on Side A is “Velocity of Sleep” – a repetitive piece of slow bass patterns played on the theorbo by Peter Söderberg with limited electronics (seems to be limited to looping using Studer B67s …) by Kali Malone. Talking about bass, please consider that the theorbo was developed for playing bass in the 16th century. You are listening to 16th century bass and not 2023 boom boom.
The “Velocity of Sleep” is slow, it is super repetitive, it is relaxing, searching for harmonies, interferences like thoughts migrating through your sleeping brain, dreams popping up in slow mo, colors of darkness changing with minimal rays of light.
An amazing memory of an ancient dance. Running for a good 20 minutes.

The first track on Side B named “1113” runs about 10 minutes and is for electronics (Again Studer Loops, tuned sine wave oscillators) by Kali Malone and gongs played by Samuel Löfdahl and Oskar Mattsson. What we see here is more movement, but due to the characteristic of gongs no hard or harsh percussive elements.
A slow drone of deep sine waves – interfering with each other unfolds, overlayed by feedback-like higher pitched signals, while the gongs create a rhythmic and even harmonic structure within.

The second track on side B named “In the Light of Marva” runs another 11 minutes or so and features Vilhelm Bromander on Double Bass, Marta Forsberg on Viola, Adam Grauman on Viola da Gamba and again Kali Malone on Electronics. A deep drone from Double Bass unfolds into a more delicate setting, somtimes even showing the fragility of the typical nasal sound of the Viola da Gamba.
And since there is a well known connection between Stephen O’Malley and ali Malone, I am pretty sure that there is a close connection between O’Malley’s fantastic work “Gruides” and “In the Light of Marva”.

Vinyl available through XKatedral.se

Download on Bandcamp: https://kalimalone.bandcamp.com/


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    Wow! That sounds pretty interesting to me 🙂 I need to check that one out.

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