Emeka Ogboh - Somewhere in Lagos

Emeka Ogboh – 6°30’33.372”N 3°22’0.66”E (Danfotronics, 2022)

The coordinates of this record are pointing at some spot right in the center of Lagos, Nigeria. A sprawling intersection, a bus station near a red light district. And that’s it.
And that is really what I mean. This record sounds like just a spot in the center of Lagos, Nigeria. A sprawling intersection, a bus station near a red light district.

Emeka Ogboh is less musician and more sound artist (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emeka_Ogboh) and the record is a strange mixture of recorded street sounds – mostly speech in strange sounding languages (most problably Yoruba and Hausa and Nigerian pidgin), with an underlying hypnotic beat and other rhythmic patterns. Sometimes more techno, sometimes tribal, sometime drum n bass.
Texts deal with issues around the Ojuelegba bus station, talks and announcements of bus drivers, their clients and street folks. And somehow Emeka Ogboh manages by beat and soundpatterns to create an order into the underlying chaos of Lagos-street life, which has been unheard and unseen before.

Available on bandcamp (https://emekaogboh.bandcamp.com/album/6-30-33372-n-3-22-066-e). I aquired my vinyl copy through a second hand store online.


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  1. Avatar von BösesVinyl

    Some of the hottest shit we all love has it’s roots in various parts of Africa 🙂 The combination of rhythmic patterns / samples with African origin and electronics is something that can create magic – the late Richard H. Kirk released at least 5 albums under the name Sandoz with electronic music heavily influenced by African music.

    Guitar music from Africa is another topic I should pay more attention too … currently there’s only one article about Les Filles de Illighadad from Niger online … https://boeses-vinyl.de/gitarrenmusik-aus-afrika-les-filles-de-illighadad/

  2. Avatar von BösesVinyl

    O.k. this really is something to listen too with joy on a cloudy and rainy day like it is today! Nice sound collages from Emeka Ogboh 🙂

  3. Avatar von Pflichtfeld

    Der nigerianische Künstler Emeka Ogboh macht Geschichten von Migration und Verschmelzung sinnlich erfahrbar. Nun hat er für das österreichische Salzkammergut ein Bier gebraut, das regionale Tradition mit afrikanischen Zutaten mischt

    Quelle: https://www.monopol-magazin.de/emeka-ogboh-bier-auf-uns

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