Richard H. Kirk (aka Sandoz) #9294 (Collected Works 1992 - 1994) - box contents

Richard H. Kirk – Sandoz – #9294

First of all … the output of music that late Richard H. Kirk (who most of you may know as co-founder of Industrial music legend Cabaret Voltaire from Sheffield) produced as Sandoz is much larger than I thought … I was misguided by some article or advertisement I read years ago shortly before buying his Collected Works compilation 9294.

Richard H. Kirk (aka Sandoz) #9294 (Collected Works 1992 - 1994) - box cover

What’s this music like? Samples, noise patterns, heavy use of synthesizers, sometimes a track might contain rather slow-ish ambient dubs and then tracks that make you want to move/dance, repetitive patterns all over … bass lines surely in a range of Hz deep enough that small speakers won’t be able to reproduce …

White Darkness – Sandoz – Digital Lifeforms (Redux)

This track is from the 1996 album Dark Continent and it’s one of the tracks that makes you (or at least me) want to move and dance 🙂

Sandoz – Biosynthetic

To me this mixture is pure fun – music to actively enjoy and relax while listening to it at the same time.
Here’s what can be found on Wikipedia about the Sandoz discography
1993: Sandoz – Digital Lifeforms (Touch)
1994: Sandoz – Intensely Radioactive (Touch)
1995: Sandoz – Every Man Got Dreaming (Touch)
1996: Sandoz – Dark Continent (Touch)
1997: Sandoz – God Bless the Conspiracy (Alphaphone Recordings)
1998: Sandoz – Chant to Jah (Touch)
2001: Sandoz – Afrocentris (Intone)
2006: Sandoz – Live in the Earth: Sandoz in Dub (Chapter 2) (Intone)
2006: Sandoz – In Dub: Chapter Two/Extra Time (Under the Stones) (Intone)
2009: Sandoz – Acid Editions (303 Excursions) (Intone)
2012: Sandoz – Digital Life Time (Intone)
2016: Sandoz – 9294 (Collected Works 1992-1994) (Mute Records)
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Said compilation is IMHO enough to make you curious how this story continued. Strange enough the compilation contains the album Dark Continent which was released in 1996 🙂

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