WarMech by Front Line Assembly - 2018

Front Line Assembly – WarMech – 2018

I can almost hear him say … “Mazze, why are you writing about old shit again?” O.k. the album is already 5 years old but as I liked it from listening to it for the first time some day ago …

Front Line Assembly is the child of canadian musician Bill Leeb who once used to be part of Skinny Puppy and just like SkiPu FLA have, within the last 30+ years, emerged from from harsh electronics and the heavy use of samples into playing songs with more technoid / cinematic soundscapes or better say musical pieces of that kind.

This still includes the usual breaks but with some – at least to me who lost track of FLA’s works in the last 3 decades – unusual yet very clever set musical twists and turns.
Every minute of WarMech is packed full with tiny little ideas and you can feel how much musical knowledge Bill and his fellow musicians bring up together.
The way this album has been mixed and produced also tells a lot. You can hear repeating sounds that wander back and forth in the stereoscopic panorama of the soundscape. Harsh sounds in combination with bright and clean parts together with underlying noise form the basis of quite a few pieces of this excellent piece of audio art.

Even though the album’s artwork seems to point to a darker side I do feel not only darkness … I see quite some bright light in the whole thing. This one is a true gem and I need to explore FLA’s universe way more 🙂

WarMech by Front Line Assembly on Bandcamp


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