Fargo - Geli - Release date 2023/03/17 - check out https://fargo-official.bandcamp.com/

Fargo – Geli – 2023/03/17

This time I won’t wait … “Geli” will be available from mid of March 2023 and I was lucky enough to be able to listen to this album today. This band from Leipzig was unknown to me despite the fact that this project is now 11 years old.
Two other albums or better say EPs are already available … once again Bandcamp is our friend 🙂


Geli” consists of four tracks all of which are named after cities in Germany. The music is mostly instrumental with “Dresden” containing some very distorted growled lyrics.
Already available as first officially released track is #2 called “Regensburg” …

This one starts slowly mostly strings being played until the drums join in fully … all I can say is that I am pretty much impressed. This is Post-Rock at it’s best at least if my taste in music is being taken as a measure.

Track #3 named “Berlin” starts with echoing like sounds and underlying atmospheric tunes. The picture is like coming into the German capital on a typical morning while the city starts to come alive slowly … once again heavy guitar/bass and drums that keep pushing … ah, this one has a strange rhythmic … the first time you listen to it it’s as if the drummer plays out of timing … it’s disturbing for the moment but a very nice idea to keep you on focus with the music 🙂

The album is dedicated to “Geli.” This was the nickname given to Angelika Zwarg, mother of two close friends of the band and an art teacher and painter who died in 2018 after a long illness. Angelika Zwarg was born in 1959 in Zschopau (a small East German city near Chemnitz at the foot of the Ore Mountains), where she lived for nearly her entire life. This is a place and a landscape that she both loved and hated, appreciated and despaired of—and you only despair of something that you honor immensely and that you call “home.” From these roots she used her art to drive delicately ramified branches into the clouds and into the night sky, where the very same moon shines and illuminates the “Dark Houses” (the title of the 2013 painting adorning the cover).

Source: Geli | Fargo (bandcamp.com)

The fourth and final track “Pforzheim” starts with a very short intro after which the journey picks up a higher velocity again … guitar/bass/drums … all instruments played with full throttle – yes!
When listening to this for the first time I was wondering why samples of Churchill’s speech “We shall never surrender!” can be heard at the end of this one. An explanation can be found on the album’s site at Bandcamp.

All tracks burst of energy and it feels to me like a journey through this country at higher speed with moments to slow down and admire certain parts of the four cities we travel to.

All in all one album that should be tagged as worthy to be called PGM – Plutonium Guitar Music 😀

Hint, hint, hint
All three albums by Fargo can be (pre-)ordered from https://kapitaen-platte.de/ jump directly to https://kapitaen-platte.de/?s=fargo&post_type=product for all Fargo related albums and merch 🙂


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