Cedric Theys - Legerete De L'Etre - 2022

Cédric Theys – Légerèté De L’Être – 2022

I could have been among the first to write an article on this album or even the first person ever but I threw this opportunity away … crazy, as I really fell in love this Cédric’s music as soon as I had listened to the first two or three pieces from “Legerete De L’Etre“.

O.k. I am not a professional writer about music and I can’t even play any instrument or name most of them by some tact played but what I can do is to value music in the context off all the weird stuff I have listened to since I was 16 years of age … I didn’t care for any kind of music until I met a friend at school that was into Punk, Ska, Rock, Alternative and alike.

Early I found out for myself that percussion instruments do make great sounds … some of them produce sounds that can be warm, full and sharp to the point at the same time – not sure if any of you can get the idea but that is how I experience a marimba (link this to Ruth Underwood please…) for instance.

But now it’s time to give tribute to the composer and the musicians that make it possible for us to listen to this wonderful music.

It’s hard for me to describe any of the single pieces on this album. You need to experience this on your own I guess.
I just love to be in the flow of this music … the sheer amount of positive energy that this music emits. I can actually “feel” the passion and joy the members of the Colorado Chamber Orchestra must have had while studying the pieces and finally being able to record the album.

The spirit of this album is to bring lightness in these difficult times, something much needed. This is achieved with sophisticated yet straightforward pieces of intricately woven patterns of marimbas, vibraphone and glockenspiel, with eerie melodies floating around – above or below. This brings a wonderful sense of infancy and relief to the atmospheric compositions.

From the press release information on “Légèreté de l’Être”

If you love percussion instruments … if you love let’s say contemporary classical music and Jazz … if love love experimental sound(-scapes) then there’s not much you can do wrong except maybe to listen to this with headphones 🙂
It’s so joyful to listen to this album with a small full-range driver and my 15″ subs … my listening room seems to be full with sound as if I can bath in the music itself … oh, and listen loud to it … not extremely loud but give it enough amplification to shine bright as the morning sun … that’s just about enough!

Album credits:
Colorado Chamber Orchestra, Thomas A. Blomster, Music Director
Soprano & celesta: Cristin Colvin
Piano: Deborah Schmit-Lobis
Oboe: Ian Wisekal
Clarinet & bass clarinet: Mary Jungerman
Marimbas, vibraphones & glockenspiels: Peter Cooper, Carl Dixon, Mark Foster,
Robert Jurkscheit, Don Robert

You can buy the album on bandcamp … https://madducksrecords.bandcamp.com/album/l-g-ret-de-l-tre 😀

Gliding Through Clouds – Légèreté De L’Être (music for marimbas, vibraphones & glockenspiels)


4 Antworten zu „Cédric Theys – Légerèté De L’Être – 2022“

  1. Avatar von BösesVinyl

    Mein Lieblingsstück zurzeit …
    My favourite track so far …

    #7 – Heavy Light 🙂

  2. Avatar von HerrWaltz

    Mein Lieblingsstück ist Kill, Motherfucker Kill!

    1. Avatar von BösesVinyl

      Ich liebe ja diese pointierten und ausgewogenen Kommentare … einfach <3 herzerfrischend anders!

  3. Avatar von BösesVinyl

    Es scheint als sei ich der einzige Musikfreund hier der dieses Album verstehen und goutieren kann … endlich mal alleine mit der Meinung über ein Werk – strike!

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