THE BLACK CAT’S EYE – The Empty Space Between A Seamount And Shock-Headed Julia


Look at the artwork. Just look at it. That’s crazy shit, dude! Craaaazy!

This capella is a new one from Germany, and this record with the somewhat bulky title “The Empty Space Between A Seamount And Shock-Headed Julia” is their first release.

Their opening track “Kill The Sun And The Moon And The Stars” is a 20 minute instrumental track full of psychedelic mushrooms and spices. Think about Pink Floyd throughout their better trips. And 20 minutes just fills side A of the beautiful colored blue vinyl.

Side B has four tracks of normal 5 minute length and adds some vocals here an then. The spectrum extends a little bit more from psychedelic into the (OK, not too far away) Porcupine Tree-ish land of progressive. But with their lineup of three guitars, drums and bass there is always a tendency towards some more aggressive sounds, which I really enjoy.

“Katla” the first track on Side B reminds me of the old “Die Hard” album of Berlin based guitar band “Die Haut”. Maybe since both groups ar jsut playing a lot of guitars at the same time.

‘The second track here “Winter Song” is similar to a lot of things we heard from Stephen Wilson. And this one has vocals. I didn’t listen to the lyrics. Maybe they made some sens. Maybe not.

“In My Dream the Wind Chases Away The Clouds” is a highy progrssive style track. Porcupine Tree might play it pretty similar. But they didn’t yet.

The record was released on Tonzonen Records maybe a week or two ago.



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