Skinny Puppy - Remix Dystemper - 1998 - CD Cover

Skinny Puppy – Remix Dystemper – 1998

Well, this one was lying around for many years now and I don’t know why I didn’t listen to this remix album earlier. As those familiar with my musical taste know Skinny Puppy are one of my all-time favourite bands/projects so I had to buy this one as soon as I got aware of it.

13 classic Skinny Puppy tracks remixed by musicians/producers like Adrian Sherwood, Günter Schulz of KMFDM, Deftones, Ogre/Walk, God Lives Underwater … that’s quite some name dropping 🙂 Some of the tracks seems to be more or less originals when listening to this album for the first time while others seem to be de-constructed material that only resembles what the classic track was like but nonetheless this is an all-in-all great trip into some of the greatest works by Skinny Puppy … highly recommended stuff.
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