Riverside - Wasteland - 2018

Riverside – Wasteland – 2018

Poland … our direct neighbour … a land we share quite a few memories with and many of these are not what you’d call fond memories :-/

What can – looking at the artistical output from this beautiful country – of course not be said especially when it comes to the wast field of contemporary music! There are numerous bands from Poland that are incredible good at doing their thing. Music from Poland can be counted as the hottest shit from the East … Jazz and Electronica from our direct neighbour are amongst what I call top notch stuff.

Riverside are not playing Jazz … well, they use electronic instruments and massive amplification to perform some of the finest Progressive Rock music of nowadays.

“Wasteland” may be dystopic but it is one very good album … without taking too much attention to the underlying concept you get loads of interesting musical ideas, very well played instrumental parts and texts sung by men with remarkable voices … paying more attention to the lyrics rounds this experience up.

A worthy album of the day / moment … da capo, da capo!


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  1. Avatar von Habe ich keinen
    Habe ich keinen

    Yo Bro!
    This one is fuckin’ awesome!
    Basically everything Mariusz Duda is doing sounds amazing.
    Rock on!

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