Nazoranai – Nazoranai

Nazoranai is a project between legendary Japanese master of experimental music Keiji Haino (guitar, vocals & synth), drone doom legend Stephen O’Malley (bass) and Australian experimental/avantgarde musician Oren Ambarchi (percussion). All three somehow met. Somewhere. And decided to play this record.

The Text on the rear of the record reads as:

中心の決意が 自分の中で 何度も何度も何度も 砕け散る事に 限りない歓びを 覚えよ
feel the ultimate joy towards the resolve of pillar being shattered within you again and again and again

近づくのが 歓びではなく 聖なる狂気と 呼ばれてしまうものも やっと現れてきた
not a joy to come closer but so-called a sacred insanity has finally appeared

少しだけ くぐもってきた
君の その挑戦状を 新たに 磨き直して 何かに捧げよう
getting a bit blurry
brush up your cartel and devote it to something

自分の 外で輝いている光に 全てを託すのではなく 自分の中に 在り続けている「どうしたい?」という祈りに気づき それを光として 自分の外に 導きださなければ もっと悪くなってしまうよ
not to leave everything to the light outside of you but to be aware of the prayer \”what do i want to do?\” that exists inside of you, and let that go out of you as a light, or things might get worse, no?

The double vinyl was released bei Ideologic Organ and manufactured and distributet through Editions Mego.


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