Kali Malone (featuring Stephen O’Malley & Lucy Railton) – Does Spring Hide Its Joy (Ideologic Organ, Jan 20, 2023)

On her latest release Kali Malone is setting focus on playing tuned sine wave oscillators and is getting support from Stephen O’Malley on guitar and Lucy Railton on Cello.

The composition took place during Covid lockdown in Berlin, Germany, -and the we can observe and experience several versions of the only track “Does Spring Hide Its Joy”.

The composition starts with a single tone, adding additional harmonics stepwise, playing with interferences and changing slowly between tectonic drones and fragile harmonics of obscure sweetness, finally fading out into eternity and silence.
The organ like and interruption free sound of the sine oscillators reminds of the Organ squared/ASLSP in Halberstadt, Germany, where they play John Cages piece with the same name over a duration of 639 years. Experiencing Cage on site over there shows a glimpse on eternity by allowing you to wander through sound, harmonics and interferences.
Similar feelings are getting implied by Kali Malone composition here. Some rhythmic dynamic can be observed since the unavoidable change of direction of the bow by the cello results in short dynamic impacts which doesn’t turn up percussive but still gives some feeling of time and repetitiveness. (Thus could be observed best right at the beginning of Version 1.2 or the initial minutes of Version 2.3).

I acquired my 3-LP-version, which features the all about 20 minute Versions V1.1, V1.2, V1.3, V2.1, V2.2, V2.3 on bandcamp. The complimentary download contains three additional 1 hour tracks V1, V2, V3.



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  1. Avatar von BösesVinyl

    Yes, I am a bit late … now listening to this album for the very first time and it’s the perfect kind of music for this cold winter day.

    Kali Malone, Lucy Railton and the usual suspect Stephen O’Malley create soundscapes that have a magical potential which is very high IMHO. “Does Spring hide it’s joy” is another example of the creative energy that Kali Malone does have.

    When speaking of magic I use this word only to describe the fact that this music is so far away from stuff most people listen to … this is a real piece of art nothing for all of us but those who can appreciate unconventional tunes will surely love this album as much as I already do.

    Listen to good music … only to good music 🙂

  2. Avatar von BösesVinyl

    Neues Album von Organistin Kali Malone: Zwischen Trost und Trotz
    Auf ihrem Dreifach-Album „Does Spring Hide Its Joy“ forscht die Organistin Kali Malone mit Gästen in der Klangwelt des Minimalismus-Genres Drone.

  3. Avatar von BösesVinyl

    AND Festival 2021 // Does Spring Hide Its Joy
    Does Spring Hide Its Joy was an immersive audio experience by American composer Kali Malone featuring musicians Stephen O’Malley and Lucy Railton. Manifesting as a 4-day multichannel …

  4. Avatar von BösesVinyl

    Musik von allen unnötigen Elementen bereinigen – Die Komponistin Kali Malone

    Mit Dank an HerrWaltz der mir diesen Link heute zukommen ließ.

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