Atari Teenage Riot – The Future Of War – 1997

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— 2022/03/17 —
Today in 1997 Atari Teenage Riot released the album “The Future Of War”.It remains censored by government authorities in Germany.

They haven’t restricted it on bandcamp yet.

When our bandcamp goes due to totalitarian leftwing ‘hate speech laws’, we will only have the NFT space left.

On the album we warned about the rise of the far-right in Europe,
we warned about the tyranny of big government,
and how the future of war will take place in cyberspace.

Music critics hated the album, called it ‘too pessimistic’
because in their view
the world was about to become this peaceful place
thanks to globalization and the ‘rise of China’.

We thought that the chance of this popular vision not turning out this this way
was not zero.

The risks were far higher than the bureaucrats wanted us to believe.

Now we’re here.

And the album still remains censored in Germany.

We can’t express enough how much we disagree with the current government.
Especially today.

Atari Teenage Riot ??

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