The Prodigy - Music for the Jilted Generation - 1994

29 years later … Music for the Jilted Generation by The Prodigy – 1994

Why do I listen to this album today? Well, the reason may sound simple but it isn’t even because this one is a true classic.
1994 seems to be ages away in the past … Techno music was still cool as long as it wasn’t Kirmes style Technoid music. File this rubbish under Hyper, hyper …

This album was a big success and for some good reasons … it was rebellion against anti rave laws in England … it still sounds aggressive but in a positive way IMHO and some of the tracks are guaranteed dancefloor stompers … Mark and I loved to watch the video of “Voodoo People” on MTV … “No Good (Start the Dance)” is one make me want to dance song … “Their Law” features Pop Will Eat Itself and none of the tracks is boring at all … lots of fantastic sounds and clever beats …

Listen to it – now! Do it and enjoy 🙂


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  1. Avatar von BösesVinyl

    Not to forget the albums’ end tracks … “The Narcotic Suite” which seems to be a blue-print for some other instrumental only stuff they recorded later.

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