2023 Label Sampler by Transcending Obscurity Records - https://transcendingobscurity.bandcamp.com/album/2023-label-sampler

2023 Label Sampler by Transcending Obscurity Records

You gotta love Bandcamp … sometimes you see an album over there and you know that this one is waiting for you … just like the 2023 sampler from Transcending Obscurity Records a label from India … a label that specialized in the heaviest that metal can offer … bands from many different countries and from at least three continents … wow!

An underground record label that’s founded and based in India against all odds, Transcending Obscurity doubles as practically an animal shelter feeding around 30 stray cats and dogs overall.

Source: https://transcendingobscurity.bandcamp.com/

I listened to this monster several times now and I never got bored. There’s a lot of good stuff to listen too and of course it will be needed to check out several of the bands in detail.
Right now it’s too early to say which of the songs are the best ones … the first 2/3 of the sampler consists of killers only … to the end I found some of the stuff being not really my kind of music but even these tracks are still worth listening too.

The track list is mighty impressive with 29 songs in total 🙂

  1. GATEWAY (Belgium) – The Coexistence of Dismal Entities (Death/Doom Metal) 05:00
  2. VEILBURNER (US) – III Visions of Hex-Shaped Hiss, Behead The Howling Spirit (Dissonant Death/Black Metal) 07:00
  3. PHASMA (Greece/US) – Part II: Metamorphosis (Brutal Death/Black Metal) 05:04
  4. CUTTERRED FLESH (Czech Republic) – Amanda (Brutal Death Metal) 04:01
  5. DEAD AND DRIPPING (US) – Meticulously Unraveling the Serpentine Consciousness (Brutal/Technical Death Metal) 04:18
  6. ORPHALIS (Germany) – From Shadows Arisen (Brutal/Technical Death Metal) 03:34
  7. TERRA BUILDER (Germany) – Abyss (Death Metal/Grindcore) 04:00
  8. WALKING CORPSE (Sweden) – The Wheel (Death Metal/Grindcore) 04:57
  9. ENRAGEMENT (Finland) – Heavenly Inferno (Brutal Death Metal) 03:57
  10. ARBORESCENCE OF WRATH (International) – Hangman (Brutal Death Metal) 04:42
  11. IGNOMINY (Canada) – Defaulting Genetics (Dissonant Death Metal) 04:39
  12. SAEVUS FINIS (Portugal) – Thou Hast Destroyed Thyself (Dissonant Death Metal) 03:35
  13. SERPENT OF OLD (Turkey) – From the Impending Dusk (Death/Black Metal) 07:29
  14. THORN (US) – Gaze of the Seer (Death Metal) 04:39
  15. SEPULCHRAL CURSE (Finland) – Howl of the Cursed (Death Metal) 04:16
  16. CRAWL (Sweden) – Where Dead Flesh Whispers (Death Metal/Crust) 02:11
  17. FERAL (Sweden) – Released from the Bondage of the Earth (Death Metal) 03:38
  18. PLAGUE RIDER (UK) – Modern Serf (Experimental Death Metal) 06:15
  19. IMPERIALIST (US) – Call of the Vulcain (Black Metal) 04:16
  20. SVARTULVEN (Greece) – Theria (Dissonant Black Metal) 06:30
  21. TEMPLE KOLUDRA (Germany) – Spearheaded Mask (Black Metal) 05:06
  22. BROOD OF HATRED (Tunisia) – Self-Destruction (Atmospheric/Dissonant Death Metal) 04:41
  23. ETERNAL STORM (Spain) – Last Refuge (Progressive Death Metal) 10:14
  24. DYSSEBEIA (Switzerland) – Hatch (Progressive Death/Black Metal) 06:04
  25. OFFICIUM TRISTE (Netherlands) – Morose (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal) 08:14
  26. WARCRAB (UK) – Orbital Graveyard (Death Metal/Sludge) 04:06
  27. ALTAR OF BETELGEUSE (Finland) – Salvation (Psychedelic Death/Doom Metal) 05:31
  28. NULL VALLEY (US) – Thought is a Virus (Sludge/Death Metal) 03:12
  29. DWELLING BELOW (US) – Attraction Vulgarity (Death/Doom Metal) 09:06

Get it on Bandcamp … https://transcendingobscurity.bandcamp.com/album/2023-label-sampler

Screenshot 2023-01-28 at 11-03-48 Transcending Obscurity Records
Best thing maybe … there are 5 other samplers to explore 🙂


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